Who we are

AdsBullets is a division of KRSolutions, a global consulting IT company providing consultancy services since 2008. After a very successful journey AdsBullets is born as a global performance marketing agency providing advertisers with high quality targeted traffic to reach out their desired online audience. The digital advertising market is constantly evolving so we focus on innovative solutions. We’re passionate about the internet, technology and engaging people on the web. We love it and we are good at it.

Our core business is providing the infrastructure technology and managed services to develop, expand or improve advertiser’s digital media campaigns, whether the objective is direct sales, lead generation, service registrations, trial offers, or application downloads.

Our Display division at AdsBullets aims to drive quantifiable results through the capabilities provided by Real Time Bidding Display technology, a.k.a. Programmatic Display, which gives us a great opportunity to reach most of campaigns’ goals.

What we do for advertisers

Social Media

More and more marketers are recognizing the importance of incorporating social media into their marketing mix. We leverage social media beyond social networks.


Real Time Bidding is continuing to gain real traction and is being embraced by many advertisers as integral to their Display and wider Digital performance strategy. We connect directly to ad-exchanges to place the best offer to the best user in the best moment.


Retargeting has become an essential tactic in the digital marketer’s arsenal. It increases the effectiveness of all other marketing efforts, increasing brand awareness, strengthening brand recall, and driving customers down the funnel to ultimate conversion. We get users back to your conversion funnel.


Cashback sites are continuing to deliver vast volumes of sales for the advertisers that work with them. Our cashback platform is a powerful lever, pulling in substantial numbers that have a tangible impact on retailer’s performance.

Email Marketing

For years email is the category generating the highest ROI for marketers. We provide rich data layers for email marketing solutions in nearly every country in the world. Our deep knowledge of the user’s purchase journey gives us a strong competitive advantage.


Everyone loves a deal. Digital coupons are effective because they’re targeted towards customers who are already both interested in what you have to offer and in the right place to receive the coupons. Let us manage your coupons through our specialized platform.

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How we do it


Everything we do begins with extensive research. We study what’s working, ask questions, engage with customers and run experiments.

Set up

Using our research and our expertise we build the asset from the ground up. Our designers and marketers design the look and feel for the best user engagement possible.


Carefully orchestrated campaigns are launched through different channels, driving quality targeted traffic to the offer’s landing page.


We measure all end user activity within our web assets. We track and verify every point of user interaction with our products.


Using a combination of home grown and third party tools, we conduct endless multi-variant tests, continually improving conversion rate and average user value.


The process never ends. Every single campaign goes through cycles of optimization striving for constant and never ending improvement.

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We understand the importance of protecting your brand, which is why we only work with leading technology partners which implement industry’s best compliance measures. Whether you’re focused on generating leads, sales, subscribers or installs, you can rely on our team of industry experts and their extensive knowledge and experience to navigate all the traffic channels of today’s global digital landscape.

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